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Our Story

We See Things


Our founder, Ned McMahon, has been studying nature's forces all his life. As a surfer, world-reknown shaper, sailor, and inventapreneur he has literally been surrounded by natural power and has an intrinsic understanding of how things work. PrimoEnergy is the culmination of many years of development, testing, and redesigning alternative energy systems. Today we have powerful products that incorporate wind, solar and batteries for a complete nanogrid operation.

Our Inspiration. Primo Wind.

Look at any high-speed sailing yacht and the power of the wind is undeniable. Capturing this energy and taking advantage of the principles of bernouli and venturi to increase wind speed was our focus. The challenge was to create a system that could generate power at common wind speeds of 10-15mph (or less).

Our evolution. Primo Energy.


We have patented blade and rotor designs combined with modified generators to deliver power starting as low as 5 or 6 MPH


We added solar panels. The power of solar is pretty well understood through the 4-6 peak sun hours during the day and wind can provide power day and night.


Integrating battery storage with wind and solar, we have a complete energy system for the grid’s edge.

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