The Energy Behind The Energy

Innovation isn’t easy. It takes a team to bring big ideas to reality.  The Primo team is dedicated to designing, building, and delivering alternative energy solutions.

CEO, Founder

Ned McMahon

From surfing and sailing to shaping and innovating, Ned has always been passionate about the wind, waves, and sun.

Ned attended Texas A&M University studying Marine Engineering and has worked as a home builder, boat builder and surfboard shaper. During his career Ned moved into executive level management and business development domestically and internationally which included brand management and international licensing. Ned ultimately received a BS in International Business and he completed an Executive MBA Certificate Program at Rice University’s Graduate School of Business.

He was the founder of Malama Composites, Inc. the first company to manufacture rigid PU foam made from plant based chemistry.

Ned is a board member at USD’s Center for Peace and Commerce and is a board member of an organization providing food and shelter for the homeless of San Diego. He developed a sailing program for abused and abandoned children and is a published author.

Administrative Director

Christinia Marc

Christinia adds insight to research and development projects.

Christinia is the administrative director for Primo Wind and adds insight to research and development projects. She is also one of our Board Members as Secretary Treasurer.
Embedded Software Engineer

Nate Kramer

Nate makes sure we are connected.

From Southern Indiana coal country to America’s Finest Sustainable City. Nate didn’t use Google Maps, he traveled with the USMC employed as a weather forecaster, and was deployed to Afghanistan, among other hotspots, with moderate San Diego a mid-waypoint. Rock climbing beat smelling coal, sailing suited his meteorological skills, and the University of San Diego’s Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering wanted vets who wanted to better the world. Now, Nate fights with his embedded software skills to “develop code not for computers,” disrupt the impersonal perception of wind farms, and replace displaced heartland energy and jobs. He also continues to lead fellow vets to civilian life through equine PTSD training.
Operations & Development

Hayden Van Zanten

Hayden lives and breathes energy systems and is always searching for the best solutions for our clients.

Hayden earned his degree in Business Administration from Point Loma Nazarene University and is on his way to an MBA, but how do you teach translating visions that are 10-15 years out into real-time steps and solid results? Maybe it’s in the wind. Or a mindset that thrills in not knowing the language, the menu or the final score. He’s the Yan to Ned’s Yin, and the operational force that has built confidence in worldwide customers and co-conspirators that yes, Primo can deliver “Power to The People,” and does it, daily.
Engineering Manager

Chad Kelsey

Chad's engineering model is to try the impossible.

Even before graduating from one of the country’s top engineering schools at the University of Michigan, 22 years in beautiful Ann Arbor taught Chad to think, outside. The natural playground where he fixed bikes and skateboards, built ramps and invented rock climbing gear inspired him to “design products to preserve the places I love.” Despite his materials science, product development and prototyping experience, and having utilized nearly every engineering tool and process, his self proclaimed greatest achievement is embracing failure. Well, at least as it comes to learning and recovering from it, and having the curiosity to try the impossible in the first place. It’s how he “hands-off” manages his team, and learns from them, as well.

Kathleen Winer

Kathleen Winer is an independent accounting and finance consultant, specializing in start-up companies and temporary CFO/controllership positions.

Kathleen Winer is an independent accounting and finance consultant, specializing in start-up companies and temporary CFO/controllership positions. For the past 10 years, she has been providing guidance and support to companies in various industries including software, medical diagnostics, retail, clean energy, and high tech.

Ms. Winer has over 25 years of experience in accounting and finance, in industries including biotech, high-tech, manufacturing, and retail. For the 15 years previous to starting her own company, she held senior finance positions in both biotech and high-tech companies, including Biosite Incorporated and Kontron America. She obtained her CPA certificate while working for Deloitte & Touche. Her bachelor’s degree is from San Diego State University.

Mechanical Engineer

Adriana Mangione

Adriana saw first hand how necessary Primo's products are.

Adriana is at home in San Diego as a graduate of University of San Diego with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She travelled to the Dominican Republic after graduation and saw the small communities first hand that can benefit from Primo Wind's products.

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