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Power Anything.

Power to the People

Today we live in a world with many new challenges. We are starting to feel the effects of climate change with hurricanes, massive fires, and more. Even in well developed areas like San Francisco or along the coast of Florida power is now turned off in those areas to protect against these natural disasters. The grid is not as reliable as it once was with general power outages even occurring more frequently.

In the past a power outage was a fun time to run around a neighborhood with your friends or to enjoy a quiet candlelit dinner with no TV or other distraction. But things are different now since population has increased. Demands are different. Medications need to stay refrigerated to remain effective, an oxygen machine must keep pumping for its patient, or simply having lighting in an area to feel safe or to charge your cell phone to stay in touch are now critical even if power is out.

Primo, through its variety of models, brings power back to the people. We provide 100% renewable hybrid wind, solar, and battery storage products to keep the power on when it goes out or to put power in places when none is available. Primo provides the power and you get to decide how you want to use that power.

“The EnergiPlant - Most Innovative Product”


Plug in to nature to power your needs


Plug in to nature.


A guided pathway to learn from the Plant


Expeditionary energy for extreme conditions.

Disaster Relief

Power when it's needed most.

Primo's mission is to always do better

  • develop resilient solutions
  • engineer cradle to cradle design
  • cultivate positive impact
  • create the best products
  • innovate with leading edge technologies

Our team is comprised of genuinely gifted minds

CEO, Founder

Ned McMahon

From surfing and sailing to shaping and innovating, Ned has always been passionate about the wind, waves, and sun.

Ned attended Texas A&M University studying Marine Engineering and has worked as a home builder, boat builder and surfboard shaper. During his career Ned moved into executive level management and business development domestically and internationally which included brand management and international licensing. Ned ultimately received a BS in International Business and he completed an Executive MBA Certificate Program at Rice University’s Graduate School of Business.

He was the founder of Malama Composites, Inc. the first company to manufacture rigid PU foam made from plant based chemistry.

Ned is a board member at USD’s Center for Peace and Commerce and is a board member of an organization providing food and shelter for the homeless of San Diego. He developed a sailing program for abused and abandoned children and is a published author.

COO & Director

Josh Franklin

Josh has been responsible for the development of over 1,000 MW of wind and solar generation.

Josh worked for one of the 10 largest utilities in the United States and in many functions including corporate controller, investor relations, regulatory compliance and renewable energy development /finance. Josh has been responsible for the development of over 1,000 MW of wind and solar generation.

He holds an undergraduate degree in Information and Decision Sciences and an MBA in Finance, both from the University of Illinois.

Administrative Director

Christinia Marc

Christinia adds insight to research and development projects.

Christinia is the administrative director for Primo Wind and adds insight to research and development projects. She is also one of our Board Members as Secretary Treasurer.

Christinia was raised in San Diego, she worked in the medical insurance field for most of her career. In 2014 Christinia joined Primo Energy to be more involved with Renewable Energy and Disaster Relief.

Venkat Shastri, PhD
Chief Engineer & Director

Venkat Shastri, PhD

Venkat's passion: current research and commercial endeavors that are focused on Sustainability.

PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Massachusetts. A Research Scientist at Yale University and Consulting Professor at Stanford.

De Sanctis Professor of Engineering and Entrepreneurship, Director of Industry Partnership at University of San Diego Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering.

His passion, current research and commercial endeavors are focused on Sustainability. Venkat is a San Diego resident, and enjoys hiking trails all over the State of California.

Yousif Ismaeel
Energy Engineer

Yousif Ismaeel

Yousif develops resilient solutions through Solidworks and CAD modeling. He provides the visualization to our initial innovations.

Yousif studied Integrated Sustainability at the University of San Diego. As a mechanical energy engineer, he designs, develops, and tests our Primo components to help reduce energy costs and/or boost energy efficiency. His skills with CAD and Solidworks supply the visualization of our innovations.
Will Thomas
Warehouse Manager

Will Thomas

Will has a knack for customizing and organizing. Working with renewable energy makes everything that much better.

Born and raised in San Diego after high school he spent 16 years in the MidWest, where he worked construction jobs.

Will moved back to San Diego 2018 with his son and is now working for Primo Energy where he is the Warehouse Manager.

Colton Landaiche
Mechanical Engineer

Colton Landaiche

Colton is passionate about environmental conservation, he chose to work in solar and wind to improve local green energy infrastructure to ultimately reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Colton is a fourth-year undergraduate studying Integrated Engineering: Sustainability at the University of San Diego, where he will be completing his BS/BA in May 2022. Passionate about environmental conservation, he chose to work in solar and wind to improve local green energy infrastructure to ultimately reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

A vibrant work culture that flows with creativity is our secret

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