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Products providing power to the people.

Art meets science in nature, where form and function are the essence of evolutionary success. Each of our installations is designed to make optimum use of its climatic environment, while complementing and integrating into its contextual environment. And, unlike grid-dependent systems, our sustainable harvesters are completely self contained, so wherever the world’s energy is, your energy is.

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A free-standing nano-grid with power generated from solar and wind with battery storage in the benches.


Flexible power that can be grid-tied or off-grid.


Designed for strong wind regimes providing power day and night.


A hands-on learning resource designed for STEM/STEAM classrooms, makerspaces and CTE programs.

The team at Primo delivered the EnergiPlant for our Volvo Ocean Race event and it was an immediate hit.

Bruce JohanssenVolvo Ocean Race Chairman

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