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Hands On Learning

Empowering the next generation.


With the EnergiSeedling students assemble the units from blueprints to gain a better understanding of the importance of microgrid and nanogrid systems for applications all over the world.


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Fully operational wind turbine demonstrates the power of the wind


Four 15 watt solar panels are mounted on the leaves

Storage & Batteries

Batteries in the bench provide power storage and demonstrate controllers & inverters.

Data Sensors

USB data sensors for power, weather and air quality - along with a dashboard app

Learn from the Plant.

Turn key system for NGSS-aligned cirriculum.


Five blade turbine rated at 100 watts


Four 15 Watt Solar Panels mounted on the leaves


Battery in the bench provides power storage


Diagrams are provided for advanced classes to wire the unit


USB data sensors for power, weather, and air quality with a dashboard app

Powerful Teaching Tool

Students learn about:

- Wind Power
- Solar Power
- Energy Storage
- Inverters & Converters
- Device Electricity Consumption

Hands on Learning

Touch. Discover. Imagine. Create.

Students come to life with ideas with our EnergiSeedling. It starts with discussions about how energy systems work -- i.e. The Grid, Microgrids and Nano-grids. Leading to solar photovoltaics and wind energy and battery storage. Then open the floodgates for the ideas to flow for community applications. Our 4-hour workshops for 2nd-4th graders are eye-opening! The next generation is lighting up with sustainable energy solutions.

Progressive Education

Comprehensive Grade Program

Integrated NGSS-aligned, student-centered cirriculum for grades 4-12. Comes complete with teacher instruction guides, hands-on, minds-on activities, lesson plans and background material for blueprint construction, student readings, and capstone projects.

Applications for STEM/STEAM Classrooms, Physics Electives, Makerspaces, and CTE Programs.

Conventiently Affordable

Various payment and leasing options

Our leasing partners have speciliazed programs designed for schools. We can help you all the way through the process to determine the best method for your school or district.

Everything you need

EnergiSeedling details

  • All construction materials and design blueprints for assembly
  • 3-12 NGSS-aligned Curriculum including Teach Guides complete with Implementation Strategies
  • Instructional Guide
  • 1-Year Tech Support
  • 2-Year warranty on all parts and equipment


  • Shipping and Taxes (extra)
  • For pre-assembled units please add $500


When I saw the EnergiPlant at UCSD I got a great feel for the potential in the K-12 education world. I have been a science educator for 13 years and have been working with NGSS since 2012. In 2017 I moved to the district's central office and worked as a Science Resource Teacher and the EII Grant Director. I also hold an Admin Credential but I have come to realize my passion for writing curriculum and I look forward to helping PrimoEnergy see how their products can be best utilized in K-12 classrooms.”

Rachael Tarshes, Ed.D.San Diego Unified