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A Renewable Energy Platform for Rural Power Needs

Fast Set-up. Common Wind Speeds. Zero Compromises.

EnergiTree with solar panel
Common Wind Speeds

Generates power in common 5-15mph wind speeds

Patented Design

1200W generator with a 72″ thermoplastic biomimetic patented rotor design

Solar Panel

200 W solar panel / or Solar Leaves shown in other photos

Universal Connection

Wiring assembly connects to any battery type

Easy to Connect

Integrated controller and battery system is wired for plug and play connectivity.

Fast Set-up

Cantilevered assembly allows for easy installation

Technical Specifications

Rotor Diameter
72" inch
Net Weight
300 lbs.
6-ft diameter x 24-ft tall
Survival Wind Speed
110 mph (49 m/s)
Initial Power Wind Speed
5 mph (2.2 m/s)
Total Rated Power
1650 W torque generator with 480 W solar
Patented biomimetic 9-blade hub design
4 leaves with 120 W solar each
Charge controller

Features & Benefits

  • Hybrid wind and solar for most consistent power supply
  • Proprietary torque generator
  • Housing completely seals/protects copper stator and magnetic rotor and is sealed against dust and moisture to IP 66 and IP 67 standards
  • Thermoplastic blades are powerful yet flexible
  • The cantilevered pole design makes for easy installation, servicing, and lowering in times of extreme weather
Wind + Solar Solution

Energy for the People

The EnergiTree is perfectly suited for remote locations, farms, disaster relief, and military expeditionary use. It uses Primo’s innovative and patented torque based blade and rotor design that provides real usable power in the common wind speeds of 5-15 mph and has already been proven in the Arctic and the Caribbean.

Energy on the Go

Easy Installation & Transport

Primo's proprietary telescoping pole with plug and play sections allows the entire unit to fit into a pelican case to simplify logistics. Primo's cantilevered assembly is easy to install, easy to service, and easy to lower in the event of severe weather.

Power Day and Night

Starts generating power in 5mph

The hybrid solar and wind system provides power day and night. Power is always available from the 1800 W generator with a 72" thermoplastic biomimetic patent pending rotor design along with 4 solar leaves generating 480W.

Built to Last

Made of materials to weather the elements

Rugged and wind worthy. Completely sealed bearings for long life. 6061 aluminum body. Aluminum housing completely seals/protects copper stator and magnetic rotor and is sealed against dust and moisture. Housing is completely sealed to IP 66 and IP 67 standards and has excellent corrosion resistance and heat dissipation.