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Portable Power Where You Need It


Primo's wind turbine captures energy day and night.


Portable solar panels fold up and out easily.


2.5kW battery can keep the power on.


Smaller than a carryon and packed with power.


This innovative clean energy solution combines power and portability. It’s perfect for your everyday power needs at home, off the grid, or on the go.

With enough capacity to power a full-fledged home away from home, get a full recharge day and night from the sun and wind.  Power what you need, when you need it.

Power for everyday items under 2500W

Primo Spark
Clean Energy

Portable Power Station

With the Primo Spark you have the power to back up your life in any situation. No fuel, exhaust or noise – just enjoy unlimited power from the sun and wind. From AC to USB, the Primo Spark features the outputs you need to get the job done both indoors and out.

Smart Mobile Power

Smart APP Supported

The Primo Spark is ideal for lights, smartphones, tablets, laptops, fridge, TV, backup, emergency, power tools, medical equipment, etc. With an integrated intelligent APP, you can control and monitor the PRIMO SPARK remotely.

Rugged Design

Easy to transport with zero gravity

The Primo Spark is equipped with wheels and drawbars on the side, which enables travelers to experience "zero gravity" while carrying this large capacity mobile power.

Built to Last

Made of materials to weather the elements

The structure is based on a highly innovative design. With large capacity LiFePO4 batteries equipped in, it gains strong cruising power under the promise of super safety. The multi-protection of overcharge, over-discharge, short circuit and high temperature greatly prolongs the service life of smart mobile power.

All seasons. All reasons.

Electricity for everything.

The Primo Spark can be used for so many scenarios: recreational vehicles, outdoor camping, USB charging, interior renovation, as a jump starter, emergency lighting. What do you need to power?

Features & Benefits

  • High safety level and long life with LiF3PO4 battery
  • Strong power battery with large capacity
  • Various charging methods
  • Multi-protection system
  • Intelligent control and monitor by smartphone APP
  • Unprecedented portability with “zero gravity”
  • Reliable power control system
  • Superior output capability
  • Conforms with EU and US security certification
  • 2-years nationwide warranty

What do you need to power?